What is Intarsia?

Originating in 13th Century Italy, Intarsia is enjoying a resurgence of popularity. The name Intarsia literally means, "a mosaic in wood". Intarsia created by artist, TerrieLynn Bach is in the style of the old Masters, using various kinds of woods from all over the world. Cat Dancing Intarsia is created first on paper. Upon transferring the Intarsia design to wood, the Intarsia spirit comes to life in 3 dimensions! Intarsia woods are never stained. All Intarsia is finished with a high gloss clear polyacrylic coating for preservation. Due to the innate nature of Intarsia, each Intarsia mosaic is unique, signed, numbered, and dated by TerrieLynn Bach as an original Cat Dancing Intarsia Mosaic Wood Sculpture.

Cat Dancing Creations has been in business since 1992.  The name, "Cat Dancing" comes from artist, TerrieLynn Bach's love of cats and Middle Eastern Dance!  Cat Dancing became her adopted name and the company name naturally followed. TerrieLynn has been an artist, teacher and dancer all her life.  Creating her original Intarsia is a passion.  Prior to that she has painted animals and people portraits in oils and watercolors, created cake sculptures and stained glass.  Currently she is writing a how-to book on Intarsia which will include many of her most popular patterns.  She lives in Texas with her son and many pampered cats.

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